Thank you to all who came out to our "Nine Years of Jazz in The Lobby Bar" celebration May 20. I am very proud of what Jeff and I have created over nine years. We established Jazz in the Lobby Bar as a place that people could come to each weekend for great music and atmosphere. Our most recent CD, Jazz in The Lobby Bar, is getting international airplay. It is you, our fans, who made this a truly unique gig. We were so fortunate to play the music we love for you. Thank you for your friendship.

Riverboat season begins! This year and next I will be on the river much more, with very little time for Twin Cities performances - no more Summer Jazz Fest or Jazz in The Lobby Bar.  I'm excited for the future. I love the combination of education and performing we are able to do as riverlorians and performers.

I look forward to performing with Jeff in the future as well. We are working on concert dates. That will be very exciting as well! Thank you!

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